Sunturi MCT Oil 60/40 Unflavoured (500ml)


Made with a balanced ratio of 60% C8 and 40% C10, our Sunturi MCT Oil provides a quick and efficient source of energy and helps you reach your keto diet goals faster.

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MCT Oil 60/40 Unflavoured
Sunturi MCT Oil 60/40 Unflavoured (500ml) RM76.80
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The Sunturi MCT Oil 60/40 Unflavoured (500ml) is a dietary supplement developed to provide a highly concentrated source of Medium Chain Triglycerides. Produced with a ratio of 60% C8 (Caprylic Acid) to 40% C10 (Capric Acid), this product serves as an efficient energy source, promoting overall health and wellness.

  • Highly Concentrated MCT: It provides a potent source of MCT, with 14g of fat per tablespoon, serving as an efficient energy source.
  • Calorie Dense: Each tablespoon contains approximately 120 calories, ideal for those looking to increase their caloric intake.
  • C8 and C10 Ratio: Formulated with a 60% C8 to 40% C10 ratio, enhancing the absorption and utilisation of MCTs in the body.
  • Zero Carbs and Protein: Contains no protein or carbohydrates, making it a suitable addition to ketogenic and low-carb diets.
  • Unflavoured: This product is unflavoured, allowing for versatile use in a variety of dishes and beverages without affecting taste.
  • Easy to Integrate: It can be easily incorporated into your daily diet, whether added to coffee, smoothies, or used in cooking.

Understanding MCT Oil

MCT oil, or Medium Chain Triglycerides, is a type of fat typically derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. Unlike other fats, MCTs have a shorter fatty acid chain which allows them to be rapidly digested and metabolised for quick energy.

Benefits and Uses of MCT Oil

MCT oil is a thermogenic metabolism booster, meaning that it is quickly absorbed by the body and turned into ketones, providing an energy boost (usually within 30 minutes). There are many benefits of taking MCT oil daily, including:

  • Quick Energy Source: MCT Oil is rapidly absorbed and converted into energy, due to its shorter fatty acid chain length.
  • Supports Ketogenic Diets: MCT Oil provides fats that can be turned into ketones, aiding those on low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diets.
  • Increases Fat Burning: Studies suggest that MCT Oil may help increase feelings of fullness and enhance weight loss.
  • Helps Prevent or Improve Alzheimer’s Disease: A recent 2022 study has shown that MCT Oil can provide an alternative energy source for the brain, which can improve cognitive function and potentially benefit conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Enhances Exercise Performance: Some athletes use MCT Oil to fuel their workouts, as it may improve endurance and aid recovery.

Different Types of MCTs: C6, C8, C10, and C12

There are four types of MCTs: Caproic acid (C6), Caprylic acid (C8), Capric acid (C10), and Lauric acid (C12). Each type of MCT offers specific benefits. This MCT Oil 60/40 product specifically uses a combination of C8 and C10, allowing for optimal absorption and utilisation by the body. The body metabolises these specific MCTs efficiently, providing quick and sustained energy.

How to Use MCT Oil

MCT Oil is versatile and can be integrated into your daily diet in a variety of ways. It is unflavoured, so it won’t alter the taste of your food or drinks. Here are some common ways to use MCT Oil:

  • In Beverages: You can add MCT Oil to your coffee or tea for an energy boost. It’s also a popular addition to protein shakes or smoothies.
  • Cooking and Baking: MCT Oil can be used in cooking or baking. However, it’s best to use it at low temperatures to maintain its nutritional properties.
  • Salad Dressings: Another way to incorporate MCT Oil into your diet is by using it in homemade salad dressings or mayo.
  • Straight from the Spoon: If you prefer, you can also consume MCT Oil directly. However, if you’re new to MCT Oil, start with a small amount (1 teaspoon) and gradually increase to avoid digestive discomfort.

Remember, as with all dietary supplements, it’s recommended to talk to your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement routine.


60% Caprylic Acid (C8), 40% Capric Acid (C10) Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Additional Information

HalalYes, this product is Halal.
Weight600 g
DietLow Carb, Keto, Halal
Country of OriginThailand


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