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Is Cashew Butter Keto Friendly?

Mesra Keto Sedikit

Answer: Cashew butter can be included in a keto diet, but moderation is key. Due to its higher carbohydrate content, it should not be a staple in your daily consumption.

While cashew butter is not prohibited in a keto diet, it’s certainly not the most keto-friendly nut butter out there:

  • Tinggi Karbohidrat: Cashew butter contains 30.3g of total carbohydrates per 100g. This is quite high compared to other nut butters, which can limit its consumption in a strict keto diet.
  • Kaya dengan Lemak Sihat: With 53.03g of total fat per 100g, including 10.61g of saturated fat, cashew butter can provide the healthy fats needed in a keto diet.
  • Provides Dietary Fiber: The 3g of dietary fiber per 100g in cashew butter is beneficial for digestion, but it’s not enough to significantly offset the high carbohydrate content.
  • Contains Moderate Protein: At 12.12g of protein per 100g, cashew butter can contribute to your daily protein intake on a keto diet.
  • Watch the Sugar: Cashew butter has 9.09g of sugars per 100g. While it’s not a huge amount, it’s something to be mindful of when considering your total daily carb intake.

In summary, while cashew butter can be included in a keto diet, its higher carbohydrate content means it should be consumed in moderation. There are other nut butters available that may be more suitable for a keto diet.

Fakta pemakanan

Saiz Hidangan100g

  • Jumlah per hidanganKalori609
  • % Nilai harian *
  • Jumlah lemak 53.03g 82%
    • Lemak tepu 10.61g 54%
  • Kolestrol 0mg 0%
  • natrium 295mg 13%
  • Potasium 447mg 13%
  • Jumlah karbohidrat 30.3g 11%
    • Serat 3g 12%
    • Gula 9.09g
  • Protein 12.12g 25%

    * Nilai Harian % memberitahu anda berapa banyak nutrien dalam hidangan makanan menyumbang kepada diet harian. 2,000 kalori sehari digunakan untuk nasihat pemakanan am.

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