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Is Chia Keto Friendly?

Sangat Mesra Keto

Answer: Yes, chia seeds are indeed keto-friendly. Despite their carbohydrate content, the high fiber content offsets this, making them an excellent food choice for a keto diet.

Chia seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients and can be a perfect addition to your ketogenic regime:

  • Kandungan Serat Tinggi: Chia seeds contain a whopping 34.4 g of dietary fiber per 100g, which is excellent on a keto diet. This fiber content is subtracted from the total carbs to calculate the net carbs, which is what matters on a keto diet.
  • Lemak sihat: Chia seeds contain 30.74 g of total fat per 100g, with only 3.33 g of this being saturated fat. The rest are healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are beneficial for heart health and can help you stay in ketosis.
  • Penuh protein: With a substantial 16.54 g of protein per 100g, chia seeds are a good source of protein, especially for vegetarians and vegans on a keto diet.
  • Low Sodium: Chia seeds have a very low sodium content (16mg per 100g), which is great as high sodium can lead to water retention and bloating.
  • Zero Cholesterol and Sugar: Chia seeds contain no cholesterol and no sugars, making them a perfect keto-friendly food.

So, if you’re following a keto diet in Malaysia, don’t hesitate to sprinkle some chia seeds in your salads, smoothies, or even on top of your nasi lemak – they’ll provide a nutritious boost without kicking you out of ketosis.

Fakta pemakanan

Saiz Hidangan100g

  • Jumlah per hidanganKalori486
  • % Nilai harian *
  • Jumlah lemak 30.74g 48%
    • Lemak tepu 3.33g 17%
  • Kolestrol 0mg 0%
  • natrium 16mg 1%
  • Potasium 407mg 12%
  • Jumlah karbohidrat 42.12g 15%
    • Serat 34.4g 138%
  • Protein 16.54g 34%

    * Nilai Harian % memberitahu anda berapa banyak nutrien dalam hidangan makanan menyumbang kepada diet harian. 2,000 kalori sehari digunakan untuk nasihat pemakanan am.

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