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Is Pesto Keto Friendly?

Sangat Mesra Keto

Answer: Yes, pesto can be considered keto-friendly. It has a high fat content with relatively low carbohydrates, which aligns well with the keto diet’s requirements.

Pesto, a flavorful sauce originally from Italy, is primarily made using basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. Here’s why it’s a good fit for a keto diet:

  • Kandungan Lemak Tinggi: Pesto contains 54.84g of total fat per 100g, which is beneficial for a keto diet where the majority of your calories should come from fat.
  • Kandungan Karbohidrat Rendah: With only 8.12g of total carbohydrates per 100g, pesto is low in carbs, making it suitable for the keto diet where carb intake should be minimal.
  • Kaya dengan Protein: Pesto contains 11.95g of protein per 100g, which can help you meet your protein needs on a keto diet.
  • Limited Sugars: Pesto only has 0.82g of sugars per 100g, which is great for a keto diet, as sugar can quickly add up to your daily carbohydrate limit.
  • Good Source of Dietary Fiber: Pesto provides 1.04g of dietary fiber per 100g, which can help promote feelings of fullness and support digestive health.

Remember, while pesto is keto-friendly, it is also high in calories. So, portion control is key. Like any food, pesto should be eaten in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Fakta pemakanan

Saiz Hidangan100g

  • Jumlah per hidanganKalori557.39
  • % Nilai harian *
  • Jumlah lemak 54.84g 85%
    • Lemak tepu 10.11g 51%
  • Kolestrol 25.86mg 9%
  • natrium 544.62mg 23%
  • Potasium 229.08mg 7%
  • Jumlah karbohidrat 8.12g 3%
    • Serat 1.04g 5%
    • Gula 0.82g
  • Protein 11.95g 24%

    * Nilai Harian % memberitahu anda berapa banyak nutrien dalam hidangan makanan menyumbang kepada diet harian. 2,000 kalori sehari digunakan untuk nasihat pemakanan am.

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