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Is Shredded Coconut Keto Friendly?

Sederhana Keto Friendly

Answer: Yes, shredded coconut is keto-friendly, however, it should be consumed in moderation due to its relatively high carbohydrate content.

Despite its high fat content, the carbohydrate level in shredded coconut must be noted:

  • Tinggi Lemak: With nearly 28g of total fat, shredded coconut is a good source of healthy fats that are essential to the ketogenic diet.
  • Kandungan Karbohidrat: Shredded coconut contains around 52g of carbs per 100g, which is relatively high for a keto diet. However, the 9.9g of dietary fiber it contains can somewhat offset the total net carbs.
  • Sugar Levels: It’s important to be mindful of the sugar content in shredded coconut, which is nearly 37g per 100g. While natural, these sugars can still impact your daily carbohydrate intake on a keto diet.
  • Moderation is Key: Given the carbohydrate content, shredded coconut should be consumed in moderation on a keto diet to avoid going over the daily carb limit.
  • Sifar Kolesterol: It’s worth noting that shredded coconut contains 0mg of cholesterol, making it a heart-healthy choice.

So, while shredded coconut is not a low-carb food, it can still fit into a well-planned ketogenic diet when consumed in controlled amounts.

Fakta pemakanan

Saiz Hidangan100g

  • Jumlah per hidanganKalori456
  • % Nilai harian *
  • Jumlah lemak 27.99g 44%
    • Lemak tepu 26.4g 132%
  • Kolestrol 0mg 0%
  • natrium 285mg 12%
  • Potasium 361mg 11%
  • Jumlah karbohidrat 51.85g 18%
    • Serat 9.9g 40%
    • Gula 36.75g
  • Protein 3.13g 7%

    * Nilai Harian % memberitahu anda berapa banyak nutrien dalam hidangan makanan menyumbang kepada diet harian. 2,000 kalori sehari digunakan untuk nasihat pemakanan am.

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