Keto Black Pepper Sauce 200ml – Halal


Don’t let your diet plan hold you back from enjoying full-bodied flavours! Our Keto Black Pepper Sauce is an all-natural, low-carb, and keto-friendly lifesaver for your tastebuds.

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Have you ever wanted to make your meal extra spicy without adding those naughty carbs?

Let me introduce to you our Keto Black Pepper Sauce! This 200ml bottle of power is a punch of bold and spicy flavour for your dishes, all the while keeping it keto-friendly and sugar-free. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, like black pepper, garlic, and those naughty red chillies that will make your taste buds dance.

Pure Keto, Pure Joy!

Our Keto Black Pepper Sauce is not just another sauce on the shelf. It’s the sauce that keeps on giving – flavour, health and all things nice. It’s made with 100% Keto ingredients, from Himalayan salt to olive and avocado oil. No sugar, no MSG, no starch, we kept everything bad out of it – Fuiyoh! But don’t worry, this sauce is as tasty as a well-made char kway teow without all the carbs!

Not Just for Non-Vegetarians, But Vegans Too!

How can we forget our vegan friends? This sauce is not just low-carb and keto, but also vegan. And guess what? We made it without any preservatives. It’s like we are giving you the full flavour of Malaysia without any of the naughty stuff!

Spice Up Your Life, The Keto Way

Why limit yourself when you can create a flavorful explosion in your mouth? Our Keto Black Pepper Sauce is the perfect dance partner for your food. The twist? You’re free to lead:

  • Dreaming of a grill? Use as a marinade for meats, seafood, or vegetables.
  • Craving for a hot stir-fry? Just add it to your stir-fried dishes for a bold and peppery taste.
  • Want something to dunk those snacks into? Serve as a dipping sauce alongside grilled or fried foods.
  • Fancying some noodles or grilled meats? Our sauce will add flavour like no other. 


Black pepper, red chillies, garlic, shallot, stevia extract, erythritol, Himalayan salt, herbs, pepper, olive oil, avocado oil.


Keto Black Pepper Sauce 200ml – Halal Nutrition Facts

Additional Information

HalalYes, this product is Halal.
Expiry Date19/11/2024
Weight380 g
DietLow Carb, Keto, Halal


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