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Malay Keto Recipes

This keto-friendly Salted Egg Prawn Zoodles recipe pairs the creamy richness of salted egg sauce with the lightness of zucchini noodles and the succulent texture of prawns. Ideal for those on a keto diet or anyone seeking a healthier yet flavourful alternative.
The Keto Satay Ayam with Kuah Kacang is a low-carb adaptation of a classic Malay dish. It features marinated chicken skewers paired with a creamy peanut sauce and is served alongside compressed rice. This recipe caters to those on a keto diet while preserving the traditional flavors of the cuisine.
Drawing inspiration from Malaysian's favourite fried chicken - KFC, this Ayam Goreng recipe introduces a unique twist by using a coating of ground almonds and psyllium husk. The marination of ginger and chives elevates the flavour profile, while the addition of parmesan cheese gives it a savoury edge. It's a perfect fusion of traditional taste with a modern touch.
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