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Asian Keto Recipes

Love udon, kimchi, and all things Asian? Us too! We’ve whipped up some keto-friendly recipes from Asia that’ll make you do a happy dance. Let’s travel taste-bud style!

This Low Carb Ramen recipe uses Konjac Noodles and is a non-spicy version perfect for a weekend dinner. The use of kombu and bonito flakes adds a rich umami taste to the broth. The recipe serves about 7 bowls, making it a great option for family meals.
Poke bowls are a Hawaiian staple dish that has gained worldwide popularity. This recipe offers three keto-friendly versions of the poke bowl, using cauliflower rice, konjac rice, and konjac noodles as the base. The key to a delicious poke bowl is good quality, sashimi-grade fish and a tasty sauce.
This Keto Onigiri is a delightful Japanese rice ball that's perfect for those always on the go. Not only is it delicious and compact, but it's also very healthy and easy to prepare. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, this dish offers a keto-friendly twist to a traditional favourite.
Warm up your day or evening with a big bowl of delicious Keto Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. This savory broth, made from a combination of numerous spices and beef bone, is an exquisite meal worthy of royalty. Fully keto, you can indulge in this dish knowing you're on the path to weight loss.
This low-carb, flavour-packed version of the classic Korean side dish is perfect for anyone on a keto diet or just a fan of kimchi.
This Keto Udon Noodles using Egg White Powder recipe provides a low-carb, protein-rich alternative to traditional noodles, utilizing egg white powder and sodium alginate to create a unique noodle texture.
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